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Solar Panel Cleaning

So many people don't know what it takes...

With the deserts high rate of dust/debris, your system can experience up-to a 60% deficiency if not properly cleaned.

However the biggest concern is leaving your system without the proper maintenance needed to provide you power for the long-term...

Imagine if you left your car to sit in the sun for 20 years, how would it look? 

Common misconceptions homeowners' have:

  1. Solar panel systems are maintenance free - this is simply not true; often sold with this expectation from Solar Sales Companies. It is imperative that you take care of your system so it can continue to take care of you.

  2. Rain washes their panels cleanthe water from the rain is filled with dirt and other debris that just add's to the problem, rather than fixing it. 

  3. They can just spray them down with a garden hose - This too actually makes the problem worse! The hard water is full of iron, rust & other debris that wears on the system over time. Not to mention this is extremely dangerous as your system is DC powered. Which means your system always has electricity running through it. Remember, Water + Electricity = BAD

100 % Pure Clean

We use a 4-stage Reverse Osmosis / De-ionization process that gives us 100% pure water, free from any rust or debris, to ensure a pristine clean for your panels.

Sunny D's 4-Stage Process:

Stage 1

SDSC - 1.png

Stage-1; from the incoming water supply is the sediment filter which removes rust and large solids.

Stage 2

SDSC - CF Logo.png

Stage-2; the water is processed through the carbon filter where the chlorine is removed.

Stage 3

SDSC - RO Logo.png

Stage 3; Reverse-Osmosis which removes 98% of the total dissolved solids.

Stage 4

SDSC - DI Logo.png

Stage 4; De-Ionization Filter which brings the TDS level down to 0. Creating 100% pure water for a clean without any spotting. 

SDSC - Website Graphic (3).png
SDSC - DI Logo.png

Don't clean it on your own, it's really not worth it.

Know the risks...

  • Electrocution

You are putting your life at risk as you're spraying water on an active electrical system without any knowledge of the proper protocols to ensure your safety.


  • Roof Damage

You should also know that walking on a tile roof is extremely dangerous. One wrong step and you can seriously damage the tiles which can cause tens of thousands of dollars to fix.

  • Falling

These tiles also become more slippery than ice when wet, so you also have a risk of falling and seriously injuring yourself that could result in death.


Good news, we are here to help!

Our Service Technicians are properly trained to walk on every type of roof following proper protocols to ensure a safe, damage free clean for your panels.

SDSC - Website Graphic (4).png

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