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is in your hands.

Why Sunny D's?

It's quite simple,

at Sunny D's Solar Care, we truly care. 


We understand your house is your home, we will always treat it as such. All of the personnel on our team have been selectively chosen based not only on their work ethic but as well as their character traits. Whoever we have servicing in representation of Sunny D's will always respect you and your home.

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the problem.

The Solution.

The Process.

The Results.

Through our extensive research we have found most people who own solar are unaware of the maintenance required for a long lasting system. With the desert's high rate of dust/dirt build up, wildlife and other natural disturbances, your system goes through a lot to provide you power. 

However our main concern for you comes from wildlife.

Birds, rats & mice tend to make homes within solar systems, causing major damage. They chew, burrow and poop all over your system. Similar to the paint on your car, if droppings from these animals sit too long the extreme acidity will eat through your panels, permanently destroying them. The dangerous exposure to their droppings can also cause major health issues such as histoplasmosis, psittacosis, and cryptococcosis.

Sunny D's Solar Care.

Our team uses a 4-stage RODI (Reverse-Osmosis; De-Ionization) water purification system to remove rust, chlorine and large solids for 100% pure water to gently clean your system.


WARNING: Do not clean your system with a normal garden hose. The hard water's iron, rust and debris can actually damage your system rather than protect it. Thousands of homeowners inadvertently void their manufacture warranty using in adequate cleaning procedures every year. 

Our clients have found a huge increase in their energy efficiency levels, some ranging from 26-30% higher productivity after utilizing our services! 

The biggest thing our clients leave with is peace of mind

knowing their long-term investment is fully operational and their families are safe from from any health hazardous waste.

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